We teach in a different way. In fact, we instruct our students how to learn rather than teach them. Our students are capable of using foreign languages as a result of active learning. Our students don't know the names of cases in Polish, but are able to use them appropriately while talking to Polish people. We turn Homework into Home Pleasure because we know that learning can be fun and doesn't need to look like a heap of boring grammar exercises. We break a language barrier as something like that doesn't exist in Spiczstudio. We are demanding and we don't tolerate idleness because we want you to feel the pleasure of using a foreign language without being stressed. If you opt for learning in our studio, you may be sure to be taken a good care of.


We offer a wide range of language courses of Polish, English, Spanish and Russian, each tailored to your needs both in terms of their duration and subject area. There are short-term and long-term courses as well as special crash courses to choose from. We provide general language courses, technical language courses, exam preparation courses as well as weekend and vacation courses. Apart from this, our students may regularly attend conversation practice classes. Our offer is restricted to one-to-one and two-to-one courses only because we find other methods of learning to be of little value. Follow our fb fanpage in order to keep up-to-date with our unbeatable offers and last minute deals.


We are professionals. Our team comprises fully qualified and experienced teachers trained to deal with students from all around the world. Our teachers are fully engaged in their profession and are committed to students and their learning. Not only are they able to create a homely atmosphere, but also their sense of humour is sure to leave you stunned. How can one not like them? In order to make our courses most efficient, we only use one language during classes – we teach Polish in Polish and English in English. Join our demonstration lesson and see it for yourself. Bear in mind that the first step in learning a foreign language is an appropriately selected teacher.

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