Our teaching method is based on a famous Confucius's quote: Tell me and I will forget; Show me and I may remember; Involve me and I will understand”. Our teachers instruct our students how to learn: what to do and what to avoid. The students rely on their teachers' support, but they learn themselves as it is considered to be the most efficient way of learning. For instance, in order to decline Polish nouns appropriately, one doesn't need to know how Polish cases work, but rather use their endings intuitively. We don't teach terminology, we teach how to feel and use the language.

Each of our students is provided with a special syllabus based on this particular student's needs and approved by the school authorities. Apart from this, each student is provided with all necessary teaching materials of the highest quality. The learning process isn't over when the lesson is over – every lesson is supported with an extra Home Pleasure file e-mailed to the student. The Home Pleasure files include extracurricular materials such as songs, movies, articles, interactive exercises to name but a few, aimed at encouraging the learner's personal engagement. Our students regularly receive feedback concerning their progress and each course ends with an exam verifying the student's progress and each student is awarded with a certificate with the statement of their results.

We put an emphasis on systematic development of all four language skills:

- speaking (through regular conversation practice as well as intonation and pronunciation practice)

- listening (through regular watching and listening to authentic programmes created by native speakers as well as active participation in conversation practice)

- reading (through regular reading of authentic articles aimed at developing reading comprehension skills as well as pleasure reading activities based on reading articles, magazines and books suited to the student's interests)

- writing (depending on the student's needs – through composition analysis and practice on all types of writing required at an exam or developing business writing skills as well as making presentations, etc.)


  • a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood just opposite a city park
  • an easy commute, within walking distance from the city centre

  • free parking spaces 

  • fully equipped language laboratories 

  • wi-fi 

  • tea or coffee